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Are you a fan of MMA or UFC? You like witching fight videos or live streams? Want to interact with other fans like you? This page is dedicated to collect the latest information about your favorite fighters and events. At MMASHARE you can connect with other fans and share your opinion and thoughts on the forums on topics such as MMA, training and bodybuilding, share and watch MMA and street fights videos and discuss on boxing and kickboxing.

MMAshare Videos

Here are the most popular videos that has been shared and watched on MMAshare.

The following video is a collection of the top 30 knockouts of 2015:

To continue the list, here is a video of the 20 greatest submissions in the UFC history:

The following video contains 20 rare MMA submissions from real fights:

We are still working on this page to bring you the best MMA videos and find you places where you can watch MMA live streams and replays. Stay tuned!

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