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If you are in the area of Dallas or Fort Worth and looking for a job, want to sell or buy a car or looking to rent an apartment the first place you start looking is Dallas Craigslist.

Craigslist is a good place to find a job quickly. There are hundreds of job listings in different areas such as accounting and finance jobs, engineering and technician jobs, general labor, real estate and much more.

You can also sell your stuff or give them away for free on Craigslist. Many people choose to sell their cars here. There are also many who are hunting for cheap car deals so when you list your car for a low price expect to receive a lot of phone calls and emails.

If you are dealing with people from Craigslist not only in the area of Dallas but in general, beware of scammers. There are lot of people out there who are trying to scam you. Here is a video that shows how easy is to scam someone with fake car paperwork:

Here is another great tutorial that teaches you how to buy a used car from Craigslist and how to spot a scammer or a flipper:

Craigslist Dallas is not only about buying and selling, here you can also advertise yourself if you are offering services or you can find others providing some service that you need.

There is a dedicated discussion board on different topics, where you can communicate with other people from the area, exchange experience, ask for help or maybe find someone to hang out with.

In the housing section you can search and filter houses, apartments, properties and real estate for sale or for rent. You can search by title, filter by price, choose to show apartments in a certain distance from  you, choose to be furnished allow pets or to be a no smoking house.

craiglist dallas housing apartments real estate

Again, beware of scammers. Here is a good example video that presents a short story of apartment rental scam:


Craigslist Dallas:

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